How to win big with Virtual sports betting strategies

2020-05-05 News

Do Virtual sports betting strategies actually work?

There is a question that always begs for answers every time: Do virtual sport betting strategies actually work?

This question had been thrown around the net for over a long while with no sensible answer yet. We have taken it upon ourselves to analyze each of these generic virtual betting strategies and below you have your answer to whether they work or not. (Spoilers… many of them don’t.)

Zero-risk betting or batched betting

Ah... throw the wagers in from the two sides to put the outcome in your favor. Everybody seems to be commending and vouching for this strategy. A sort of blind validation which we consider sketchy. Okay, the system works. It is great to be able to beat the bookmakers at their own game. But that, dear bettor friend, is possible only when the two teams/sides have two different bookmakers. What do we mean? The following brief on the batched betting strategy rolls the curtains up. Batched betting, also called arbitrage strategy is about backing an odd here with a bookmaker and going against the same odd with another bookmaker. Either of your games is sure to come out positive and you’re able to cover up for your loss on the other side. Get it now? Great. But with all the hype around this strategy, nobody is actually talking about the fact that 62% of two opposing teams in a virtual sports competition share the same bookmaker. Most of the 38% that do have dedicated bookmakers hardly get to make it into the leagues. The first bubble busted. But hey, there’s still a lot of meats to fork over around 38%. Meanwhile, down below we get you a bit shaky again on your question; do virtual betting strategies actually work.

Betting Against the Spread over again (ATS)

Virtually all bookmakers turn around with a spread whenever you log on to their platform for a virtual game betting. But you haven’t been paying enough attention to it. A spread is a listing of pre-fixed odds. This pre-fixed odds listing is your bookmaker’s set-out odds based on their favorites. Here’s an illustration. If the London team, Chelsea FC, is your bookmaker’s favorite over Manchester city, you’re most likely to see a winning odd predicted on Chelsea in the spread each time the two sides meet. And you obviously get a win by blending in with the spread if the match favors your bookmaker’s favorite. When it comes down to a big team versus an underdog however your punter brainchild is likely to push your luck to get more. In this case, gaining is not decided by just your bookmaker’s favorite winning. You are actually setting the bars for the numbers of goals your favorite team steps over the underdogs with. Thereby increasing potential profits but maximizing risk. Does this strategy work? Sure it does for live sports, especially for decisive matches. But the outcome is quite different from virtual games. Take virtual football for an instance. You went -2 over your bookmaker’s preset winning odd of 3.00. At the end of the match, which doesn’t last for more than 3 minutes, the game ends according to the spread and you end up with a terrible bad beat.

Strategies that never die

Look it up on Google after this post and you’ll find several 100% winning strategies that never fail are thrown back at your face from page to page. Punch the same query on YouTube’s search engine only to find yourself scrolling through an endless list of the so-called magic strategies videos that are nothing but lies. The paperboy too seems to have some insider’s strategies, just if you could give him a tip you’d be beating all the bookmakers in town. But the truth is, in the voice of Yoda, there’s no secret ingredient. There’s no such strategy that doesn’t fail. If there’s ever such a strategy then it’s not in the betting industry. Make great stuff, join bettors’ insider groups, and even pay for memberships when you’ve got to but if their ad says 100% winning strategy that never crashes it’s probably a rip-off. Take your loss as yours the same way you do your wins. Real bettors take responsibility for their decisions.

Does the Kelly criterion work?

We have written on this strategy before. The Kelly criterion is an application of simple mathematics in betting. With the Kelly formula, you are able to make clear betting decisions backed-up with pure logic in lieu of the guesswork. The formula brings about certainty on the ideal maximum stake for a specific game. This means you’re able to maximize profit or minimize loss as the case may be. Nevertheless, this strategy works best for live matches when you’re able to come around with a strong percentage possibility as required when working with the formula. We played around with it and found it has a place in virtual games but it’s not very good.

The big players never lose

The cliché passed around forever. Most beginners kicked-off with their wagering journey one of those days when a big team was sure to beat the underdogs, hands down. Ever since then they’ve continuously dived into the thick webs struggling to fight their way back out of their losses. Flash news… the big player doesn’t always win. Throw that idea-turn-strategy out the window. Make critical checks on each team before the game kicks-off. Compare the present strength of the players, scan through the players’ previous performances, and work your way around the two sides’ formations. You may also need to see into each of the team’s past matches.

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