How I won 2.6 Million Naira on betBonanza Virtuals - Shola, Ilorin

2020-05-05 News

The betBonanza Tribe still makes dreams a reality


betBonanza has made yet another multimillionaire! Mr Shola from Ilorin, Kwara state is the latest Kinsman to get a Bonanza Winning from the betBonanza Tribe.

Recall that last November, betBonanza gifted Ugonna from Warri the sum of 3,000,000 cash after the New Season New Millionaire campaign. The latest Big Win of ₦2,643,493 by Shola is another proof that #betBonanzaPays.
In this piece, Shola will tell you his story to becoming an overnight millionaire with betBonanza. Indeed, dreams can become a reality with betBonanza.

betBonanza: Firstly, how do you feel as the latest betBonanza millionaire?

SholaI feel very happy. This is still like a dream to me. I never expected it at all.

betBonanza: When did you join betBonanza?

SholaI join betBonanza about four(4) months ago. I have been betting for a while now with one of the major betting companies. So there was a day I was walking along the road, and I saw a signpost advertising betBonanza, and I got attracted. So I opened an online account, and I started betting online.

betBonanza: Have you ever won any big money before this? 

SholaBefore now, I have won ₦7,000, and some other money from betBonanza virtual jackpot. But not something as big as this. I have never won any money as big as this in my life.

betBonanza: How did you feel when you first saw that you have won?  

SholaAt first I did not believe at all. I thought is was a lie., because I just lost a ticket. That is why I immediately wanted to withdraw one million naira. So I was asked to verify my account and send details like Voter's Card, Electricity Bill, and Proof of Last Deposit. So when I did, I was able to withdraw thImage may contain: 1 persone money, and I saw money cash in my hand. Sincerely, it was unbelievable, from just ₦50 I won over 2.6 Million Naira. I just could not believe it.


betBonanza: How did you feel when you started withdrawing the money, ₦100k, ₦200k, and so on,  how did you feel?

Shola: I could not eat again, I could not sleep, I could not do anything. I was just imagining if this was real. I was surprised, confused, and happy at the same time.

betBonanza: Can you remember the game you played that brought the jackpot win?     

SholaIt was a Virtual bet played. The game was Tottenham V Norwich, and I played it with ₦50. Sadly, the game did not even come, as it ended in a draw. It was after that loss, I went to check my account to see how much I had left. It was then I saw a huge figure that I could not explain. The virtual jackpot that I had been seeing all this while luckily dropped on my ticket, and the money was over 2.6 Million Naira!

betBonanza: What do you have to tell other Punters out there?

Shola: I have been telling all my friends that they should immediately 92341136-556410515012226-6797251200115802112-o1open an online account with betBonanza, and start betting with any betBonanza Agent shop out there. I also urge all Punters to bet with betBonanza always. I have been telling people that betBonanza is very real, they are the best, because we have been playing with some other companies, but nothing like this has ever happened. In fact, I will publish it on social media and tell all my friends that they should join betBonanza.

betBonanza: Once again Congratulations Shola, and keep getting better.

Shola: Thank you betBonanza! Una too much!

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