How Frank O. Chinedu won big with betBonanza Yakata bonus

2019-10-22 News

When we say big winnings never end with betBonanza, we really mean that you, who are reading this piece now, can actually win big with betBonanza.

Frankly, we want you to always win whenever you bet with us. That is why we give you stats to know the event trends, we give you badass betting options, unbeatable bonuses like Yakata Bonus, Free Bet Splash, plus massive jackpots on virtuals, and more. Seriously, with betBonanza you should have fun, enjoy yourself, express your passion, and ultimately win.

That is what Frank O. Chinedu has been doing at Nsukka since he came on board. This this dude has been enjoying the Bonanza Life so far, and last week he did something pretty special. He played over 31 selections with ₦500, and guess what he got all selections right. With Ticket Number 191018159600 Chinedu won almost ₦570,000.
Wait, let’s break it down:




  • Yakata Bonus - ₦340,310
  • Winnings - ₦227,373
  • Total = ₦567,683

We have always told you that staking high odds combos can pay big winnings. We also say to people, in sports betting like in any business, it is all about taking risks. It is all about taking a step of faith, not just talking, and watching without taking action.


Just imagine if he had not placed the ₦500 bet.

More so, if he had not placed his bet last week and was hoping to bet this week.


Imagine if he felt "oh I have lost before, and I cannot continue"


Maybe he would't have had this breakthrough. You see, winners emerge because they keep on pushing. Persistence is key in the game. As the saying goes winners never quit, and quitters never win.


When we called to congratulate him, he said:

“I am based in Nsukka. I normally bet both at the betting shop, and from my phone. I did the bet of this winning from my phone. I can say confidently, that betBonanza is the best. I say to sports lovers out there, if you have not discovered betBonanza you have not started sports betting in Nigeria. Because for me, since I started betting, I think betBonanza is the best online sports betting website I have ever come across.”

But that is not all. Chinedu is still on the run for something special. He could still win our ₦50,000 bonus in the Highest Odds Race. The Highest odds race is where the BetVincibles shine. I mean that is where the best of the best bettors show their betting skills. The higher the odds you bet, the higher you go in the Highest Odds Race. So with the savage combos that Chinedu made, he has moved straight up to the top of the BetVincibles Table. He is now well on course to getting the Golden boot. Meanwhile, you can still play for the top of the table if you bet high odds now. >

If you are an entrepreneur or you want to invest, this one is for you. See, you need to act fast. Invest in our agency business, and we guarantee you that you will get 100% profit on investment within 15 months. Remember, Chinedu said he normally bets with our betting shop also; and mind you there are thousands of people like Chinedu accross Nigeria who would love to get the benefits of betting at our shops. Just talk to us we will guide you through. We will talk more on this in our upcoming video series on Youtube Page. Finally, betBonanza will never stop paying you winnings. It’s simple. You play, we pay. You ain’t playing, we ain’t paying. So keep the positive vibes fam. Team spirit. Much love. One love.

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