How to win huge with small stakes

2019-10-21 News

The funniest thing about sports betting is that the highest winners are hardly those who place massive stakes. A close look at the list of top winners from sports betting sites in Nigeria will confirm this. Those who win massively usually stake as small as One Hundred Naira (₦100) to Five Hundred Naira (₦500). Consider this; if I stake One Hundred Naira on a bet and win one point five million (₦1,500,000) and you stake one million and one another bet and win two million (₦2,000,000), who wins more? Me, obviously. The key to winning huge in sports betting is not just merely huge stakes. The defining factor is in knowing how to use small stakes to get at huge winnings.

Unlike other ventures, the capital is not the major defining factor in the profit. Rather, it is the knowledge behind the investment.

In this post, we will be looking at how to win huge amounts from small stakes. This topic has been asked over and over again by avid bettors who would like to know the secret to successful betting. Here is a list of ways to win huge amounts from small stakes.


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Master the odds

The key to betting lies in the odds. The world of odds is a peculiar one. It takes a genius mind to understand it. If you are making it in betting, you should know that you are a lot smarter than a lot of people. Understanding betting odds is extremely important. If you do not have a working knowledge of how these odds add up, you are not likely to win from any stakes talk-less of small ones.

Bet on multiples

Here lies the key to huge wins on small stakes. You are not likely to win huge with a small stake on a single game. After careful study, bet on many games. If you combine ten games of 1.5 odds each, you are looking over 57 odds on a single ticket. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. This way is riskier. It involves predicting the performances of not one or two but of several teams. However, it is the only feasible way you can win a sizeable amount from a small bet.

Ignore fixed games

Fixed games have always caused controversies. There always seems to be someone offering legitimate fixed games. While this article will not claim that all of such offers are scams, this article will clearly state that more often than not, the person offering you is trying to scam you. The sites or pages that offer considerable tips do not rely on fixed games. Rather, they rely on expert predictors. If you want to win big, do not rely on fixed games. Rather, up your prediction game.

Focus on specialty

If you are an avid bettor, it is no doubt that you have a specialty. For example, you could be better at staking on soccer/football games, unlike some people who excel at cricket, rugby, boxing, etc. Even in the football niche, you could be better at predicting unders or overs or draws. The point is, you have a specialty. Your job is to exploit it. When staking especially if it is a multiple, ticket, you do not have the luxury of ‘trying your luck’. One misstep could ‘cut’ your ticket.

Take risks

When attempting to win big, you have to take risks. One of such risks comes in the form of staking on multiple games. In actual fact, staking on singles games is safer. But if you have a small capital, multiple games may well be your only hope. Betting as a game is a risk. When it comes to multiple games, you simply have to increase the level of risks you are willing to take.

Keep learning

Learning never stops. At least it shouldn’t. The one thing constant in life is change. If you are not constant with the change, you are going to get left behind. Sports betting didn’t start on the internet. It started in a more basic and archaic way. It only morphed into its self as we know it with the advent of modern-day technology. As a bettor, it is important to learn from your own experience. Review your bets, stakes, wins, and losses to improve yourself.


It is important to note that a successful bettor is not successful due to luck. The sure-fire way to win consistently is research. Research about everything including the best betting sites in Nigeria, the habits of the teams you are interested in betting on and even recent matches played by those teams. Luckily for you, we have carried out research betting sites in Nigeria and have presented you with simply because of the scores of opportunities available to win big with just little stakes. Research is invaluable. Also research into previous decisions you have made and try to learn a thing or two from them.

Be a realist

When staking especially on multiple games, the sure-fire way to lose is to bet on a whim. Imagine a ticket that has ten games with solid odds that is spoilt simply because of one defective game. If you have had that happen to you before, you would agree that it is awful. Remember that patience pays. If all you are able to get is a low number of solid odds, it is better to stake what you have or do not stake at all. Do not let one game mess up your otherwise perfect formation. If you do not have enough games on ground at the moment, it is better to exercise patience and wait till the games are enough so that the odds pile up and a single ticket can win you big.

Check for promotions

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