How to place bets on Virtual soccer

2021-01-14 News

Virtual soccer is one of the most popular virtual sports and is very easy to play. Here is a quick step by step on how to play as highlighted in the screenshots below:

  1. Go to Virtual and click on ‘Football League’
  2. You would see current events and options to select. You can change the week if you would like to play future events.
  3. Use the arrows to scroll through and view more options available.
  4. Select the type of game you want to play; Single means all events are independent of each other and you can win for whichever events come through. For System, a punter can select combination options of 2 to come, 3 to come and so on (Read more here: and to play Multibet, stake should be put in the last row where combi is 1.
  5. Enter stake; minimum stake is N50. 
  6. Click on ‘Place Bet’ for bet to be placed
  7. View live games on full screen.
  8. View live results of games in play.


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