New! 3 casino slot games to light up your day!

2021-06-09 News

Hello Kinsmen!

The big leagues in Europe have ended. Until next season, there will be very few exciting matches to watch and play. But do you know that with betBonanza it will not be all boring? Do you know we have cooked up lots and lots of fun?

We have some cool set of new exciting games for you right inside our casino. While you await sports to be back, you can enjoy the thrill of the casino. Today, we will explore three super new and hot casino games. Check them out below.

1. Crystal Fruits Reversed  

In this game, a juicy adventure with a famous WILD symbol and 243 paylines returns in a new dress. The fruits have taken on a more contemporary and seductive look and have tweaked the game’s features to make it more appealing. Unlike in its predecessor, in 243 Crystal Fruits Reversed winning symbols don’t explode but freeze in place leaving space for another respin with a higher multiplier to maximise winnings.

Reversed Respin -  When winning, in combination with WILD symbol  triggers respin. During reversed spin game, the number of winning lines are changing   from 5 to 243 winning lines to boost the wins. Once a winning combination appears on the reels, it pays and locks itself in place, while non-winning symbols explode, leaving space for new symbols and another respin to increase chance of win.

Come on, try Crystal Fruits Reversed now!

2. Sweet Crush

Experience the ultimate sweet taste of winning! A delicious, decadent, mouth-watering adventure that not only satisfies your sweet tooth but awards also lusciously huge wins, opens its door to all sweets lovers and lucky players. Once you start playing, Sweet Crush will definitely have you craving for more wins and…sweets. The magical world of crunchy hazelnuts, smooth chocolate, marshmallow trifles, brownies, jelly beans, cup cakes, candies hides a delightful stash of big wins so prepare for a hilarious quest to claim the candied trophies.

Come on, try Sweet Crush now!

3. Wheel of Luck - Hold & Win

The Wheel decides the ultimate winner. Calling all adventure lovers. Get your motor running and enjoy the ride through the action-packed neon world of the city that never sleeps. The nail-biting excitement starts with Free Spins and Hold&Win Respin which guard the doors to the ultimate action – The Wheel of Luck.  Only the boldest can unlock its three levels to reach the reward of 1000x their bet. Are you the chosen one?

Come on, try Wheel of Luck now!

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