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2021-06-10 News

The race to be better has no finish line

There is a popular saying that “Rome was not built in a day”. But the fact is that the building of Rome started one day. The day that the Romans took the decision to set the first brick was also the day that the greatness of Rome began. What was true for Rome is true for every great enterprise, including betBonanza. 

On the 12th of June 2019, we came in with a firm mission: To Be Better, and a clear vision: To be the best loved betting and gaming company in Africa. Armed with only this message of hope and faith, and with hard work we set out. Today what began as a simple will dream has inspired and is still inspiring thousands across Nigeria, created and is still creating hundreds of jobs across the nooks and crannies of the nation, and is providing worldclass entertainment and relaxation to many people.  

As we reflect on our journey these past two years, we ask ourselves two questions: 

  • What have we achieved in the past 2 years? 

  • What can we achieve in the next 2 years? 

What have we achieved in the past 2 years?  

Because we recognize that every human being wants to be better and nobody wants to be left behind, over the past two years, we have expanded our reach to more players and brought our services closer to more Nigerians. We have designed a state-of-the-art platform where players can access conventional Sports Betting, Live Betting, Casino, an array of Virtual products, and our exclusive and unique product BonanzaBallz. We disrupted the betting scene with our regular generous Boosted Odds offer for new customers. We gave out some of the best welcome packages to our players, which include Free Bets on 2nd and 3rd deposits. We also looked out for our players when they are away with some of the best reactivation packages for players that we have not seen in a while. In addition, our Virtual Combo Bonus has given our players the edge over that of many competitors on top of massive Virtual Jackpots emerging regularly. Our Sports Yakata Bonus offers a lot more to players if they give themselves more chances, and our One Game Cut offer ensures that a big win would not be thwarted by a single event, and our players can still win. 

We have developed an agile and dynamic Agency team to ensure that if people want to get entertainment and leisure from gaming, we will always be on hand to provide the best. We have provided a lot of support to our agents to help them build their business including credit, free equipment, free training, and an unprecedented package of generous bonuses and commissions. We pride ourselves as having perhaps the best agent bonus, commission and incentive package in the gaming business in Nigeria. Today betBonanza is the talk of town and the toast of many agents across several cities in Nigeria. 

Because we have never been shy of taking risks, we released a new innovative numbers and colours game BonanzaBallz. Though untried and untested, it took the market by storm and has become one of the most loved and most played gaming products in our shops. BonanzaBallz has unique features and the ability to pay customers up to N10 million. e positioned ourselves ahead of the curve, that is why even before the pandemic we knew that while having shops build credibility and trust, the future of the industry lay in online gaming. That was also why in the heat of the pandemic, we upped the ante on casino and virtual gaming that kept our players entertained and engaged while confined to isolation at home. It was during that period that many Kinsmen tasted our goodwill as they won several jackpots including a Kinsman from Illorin who won over 2 million naira, another Kinsman from Enugu won over N450,000 from a lost ticket, another Kinsman from Edo won over 2.5 million naira, the winnings just kept going out. We also fought against match-fixing in the gaming market. This is a global problem and we are always aiming to ensure fair play and decency on our platform at all times. We gave back to society, as we welcomed students from a Facebook project in Nigeria, offering them practical experiences to test their ideas. We were also thoughtful to offer practical advice to players who went too far with the fun. 

What can we achieve in the next 2 years? 

A great man once said, “I would rather aim for the stars and miss, than not aim at all.” Manchester United legend, Alex Ferguson said “We strive for perfection and if we miss, we settle for excellence”. In a sense, these quotes embody the spirit of being better that we live by. It means outdoing ourselves time and time again, setting the bar high again after each successful jump, and staying true to our mission, vision and values.  

As long as Nigerians want to get entertained, as long as Nigerians want to get enjoy gaming, as long as Nigerians want a thrilling pastime, we will continue to serve their needs. Whether at home where they can access our games online, or at our various shops where they can walk in and enjoy themselves, the needs of our players remain paramount for us. So, there is no limit to what we can achieve with our players in mind. Of course, Nigerians can expect more innovation, more gaming options, and more pleasure in the coming years. We will always put our players first, and strive for all members of the betBonanza Tribe remain better, and better, and better. 


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