5 ways to make your betting agent shop more attractive

2020-03-17 Tutorials

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1. Make your shop more visible with proper branding:

Having bold and visible branding outside and within your shop is an easy way to advertise your shop and betBonanza products to punters.  Call -018888886 to get branding materials.


2. Increase the days you open:

Sports events happen every day, even on Sundays. betBonanza Virtuals run 24/7 with so much to bet on. Punters show more loyalty towards shops that open their doors to them when others are closed.


3. Introduce extra services that can make you sell more:

You can start more services like football viewing, video games, POS withdrawal services, and anything else to attract and keep punters coming back to your shop. This is also a good way to increase your revenue.


4. Post exciting deals & Special Offers:

Every day betBonanza has Special Offers with increased odds and bigger winnings that your customers can always bet on. Use this to offer more value to your punters.


5. Appreciate your loyal customers to attract new ones:

Giving freebies is easy to get on the good books of your punters. Always think of creative ways to appreciate loyal customers.

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