4 things you can do to bring out the best results in your Managers/Cashiers

2020-03-18 Tutorials

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  1. Product Knowledge - Ensure your cashiers are equipped with the full knowledge of how the betBonanza products work. This way, they can support your customers to make more bets, thereby increasing income for you. If you need help or training for your cashiers, you can contact your area manager or call betBonanza support at -  


  1. Cashiers/Managers role(s) are Important - It’s actually a good thing to make your cashiers understand that their roles as cashiers are very important, since they would be the ones engaging directly on a daily bases with your customers. 


  1. Offer Commissions/Bonuses on Sales - A little extra rewards for your cashiers/managers can serve as a huge motivator for them to show more commitment towards your sales and customer satisfaction. This can also be tied to a target. The benefits, might not necessarily be monetary depending why you’re giving it, it could be a free lunch, or transportation. 


  1. Run your Shop with Ground Rules - Business that are run by principles would often come out more successfully than does who are not. If you build and enforce good principles in your business that must be adhered to by cashiers, they will work with this your principles could be around cleanliness, time of opening, how to attend to customers, etc
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