betBonanza BetBuilder is the New Way to Win

2024-04-15 News

 BetBuilder is the latest transformation in sports betting, empowering players to customize their bets for football and other sports. It lets you combine multiple predictions in a single match, increasing your odds and winnings. This guide breaks down the basics of BetBuilder and shows you how to use it effectively in your betting strategies.

Understanding BetBuilder

BetBuilder has is the new wave in sports betting due to the flexibility is provides. Using betBonanza's powerful platform, BetBuilder allows players to combine bets across various sports like soccer, football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. It enables players to:

  • Customize bets by choosing multiple selections within the same event, enabling punters to bet on specifics such as the game-winner, goalscorer, number of goals, cards, shots, and corners.  So imagine you want to bet on Man City, and you are certain that Man City would press their opponent. You can increase your wins on Man City by adding different predictions on top of that one bet. So you can say Man City will score 2 goals, win 10 corners, draw in first half, and get no red cards. With this, you can boost a game of 1.2 odds to over 10 odds! 

Advantages of Using BetBuilder on betBonanza

You now have unparalleled flexibility and customization that traditional sports bets simply can't offer. Here's why BetBuilder is a game-changer for us you:

  • Customization & Flexibility:

    • Tailor bets to specific outcomes like a team winning to nil, predicting the exact number of goals or corners, or even betting on specific players to be carded. This level of detail in bets isn't something you find in traditional accumulators.

    • With the ability to combine selections from different games (cross-game bet builders), the potential for returns is significantly higher. Imagine combining the outcome of a football match with the performance of a basketball player in another game - the possibilities are endless!

  • Boosting Odds & Potential Wins:

    • Booking points and player cards are just the tip of the iceberg in boosting odds. Each selection added to your BetBuilder bet not only increases the odds but also the potential payout. It's like adding extra layers of excitement with every prediction you make.

  • Engagement & Control:

    • BetBuilder does more than just amplify the betting experience; it transforms it. With the power to create unique combinations based on our analysis, we're not just passive bettors - we're strategists, actively engaging with the sports we love. Plus, the option to cash out or benefit from bookmakers' special offers like price boosts adds an extra layer of strategy and control.

BetBuilder isn't just about placing bets; it's about crafting your unique betting journey, one selection at a time.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use BetBuilder

To embark on your BetBuilder journey, it's crucial to understand the step-by-step process to create the perfect bet. Here's a straightforward guide to get you started:

Crafting Your BetBuilder Bet

  1. Select Your Game: Select the bet builder feature from the header (spanner icon in orange colour) and you will see all markets available under Betbuilder. Begin by picking the game you wish to focus on. 

  1. Make Your Selections: You can choose up to 12 legs for your bet. As you add selections, the odds will update in real time. Remember, at least two selections are needed for a valid BetBuilder bet.

  2. Review and Place Your Bet: After finalizing your selections, they will appear in your Betslip along with the updated odds. Double-check your choices (you can modify them if necessary) and when satisfied, enter your stake and place your bet.

Your Turn

This might just be the most rewarding betting option for you on Betbonanza; it presents better value compared to placing separate bets on the same match. This is because BetBuilder is made to combine multiple bets into one for a single event, potentially increasing the overall odds. This means that by just building on 2 games you can generate over 20-30 odds and win good cash from it!




How Does Bet Builder Function?

Bet Builder is a feature that enables you to create a personalized bet by combining various selections from a single football match into one bet slip. Unlike an accumulator, where selections are made across different fixtures, a Bet Builder focuses on multiple markets within the same game.

Are Bet Builders a Good Option for Bettors?

While Bet Builders typically offer lower odds than accumulators, they present better value compared to placing separate bets on the same match. This is because Bet Builders are the unique option that allows for combining multiple bets into one for a single event, potentially increasing the overall odds.

What Occurs if a Selection in a Bet Builder Loses?

In the scenario where one selection within a Bet Builder bet fails, the entire bet is considered lost. This highlights one of the risks associated with using Bet Builders, as the success of the bet hinges on all selected outcomes being correct.

Is It Possible to Combine Multiple Bet Builders?

Yes, it is possible to combine up to four Bet Builders from different matches into a Multi Bet Builder. This feature enhances the betting experience by allowing for more complex and potentially rewarding bets across various games.


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