Interesting football bets you can place in Nigeria

2019-09-27 News

It’s no longer news that sports betting in Nigeria is fast changing. We now have a lot of online Bookies around with new types of football bets, which many punters don’t really know about or even understand how they work. Because of this, many punters stay off the unknown, and just play the popular bets of win, draw or double chance. But you don’t really need to avoid them. With some stuff we will share with you, you can begin to see platforms like betBonanza which offers over 800 markets for Top League games, as an opportunity to win big, rather than a threat. Alright, let’s get into the main gist.

So let’s see some of the interesting football bets you can place now for a win.

Goal-goal and no-goal

This is a relatively an easy one. Predicting if both sides will score, or that there will be no goals in a football match. It is very popular, and you are likely to find this betting option on most matches.

First, last or anytime goalscorer

Today’s strikers are clinical finishers. Harry Kane, Aubameyang, Messi, Ronaldo, Aguero, the list goes on and on. You can back a player to score first, last or at any point during a match. First and last goalscorer bets offer some good odds. While the odds for top strikers may be small, you’re sure to find good odds for scoring midfielders and defenders, particularly if it’s a top game where both sides are very good. If there’s a tall centre-back with a good heading ability like David Luiz or Van Dijk, coming up against some set of short defenders, you may want to consider betting.

Accumulator, acca, or combi

Ever heard of people winning millions of Naira with ₦100 or ₦200?

Welcome to the goodies of the Acca. Nigerian punters are more adventurous than those of other climes, and are willing to make a life jackpot from almost nothing. An accumulator means you need to bet on multiple results and they must all be correct in order to win. If you think about doing an Acca on multiple games in some lesser known leagues, the odds quickly stack up into double figures. Come on, why limit yourself when the most enriching odds and the best bonuses are yours for the grabs. If you want the chance to make a big win from a relatively small amount, then the Combi is for you.

Teams over/under

This is also another way to win in Football bets. You can deduce from the stats, and identify the games that would see fewer goals or more goals. For example, Everton away from home this season, has rarely scored more than 2 goals per game. Also, Man city are known to score goals- no matter where they are playing at, they can average about 3 goals per game. When you are armed with these kinds of insights, you can predict the total goals of a match - over or under a figure.

Follow your gut

While this may not be the best way to make a profit from football bets, who would have thought that Norwich would beat Man City? Who would have thought that West Ham United will beat United 2- nil? Who would have thought that Grenada will beat Barcelona 2- nil? Who would have thought that PSG would beat Real Madrid 3- nil?

This is where your instincts come in. Punters sometimes place bets on ‘crazy almost uncertain outcomes’, and then the unexpected happens, and they cash in big big. For instance, a punter once placed a 6 figure bet on a match between Man United and Southampton, betting that the match would end in a draw. And he eventually won it. Our advice is don’t go this path unless you are sure of your facts.

As a plus, you may want to consider some of the points below as heads up.

Back the favourites

As ordinary as this sounds,, backing the favourite can often be the way to go. If the Premier League champion is playing a team bound for relegation, the odds of an upset might be very appealing, but the majority of the time it won’t happen. Instead, you can make something good by placing substantial bets on what may be near-certainties. That is, all the statistics and facts show that a team has a clear superiority over another, and surpass the lesser team in all indices. The downside here is that, in order to make a good return, you need to have the confidence to stake a good amount of money in relation to your expected winnings.

Forget loyalty

Football is a loyal sport, with lifelong fans and traditions. But when it comes to betting, please put loyalty aside. It’s important to bet logically and objectively, without going the common way of backing the team you want to win, rather than the team you think will win. With that being said, it’s not a bad thing at all to bet on a team you’re rooting for, if you have an insight to support your stake.

Consider recent form

There’s no substitute for facts. Football is a very popular sport, and there’s always information out there. Check for injuries, yellow cards, shots on goal, an unrest in the dressing room, transfer speculations, weather, and of course recent form. The recent form offers you a chance to see how a team has fared in the short term, and may be the best way to assess a side. All these tend to influence the game in one way or the other. betBonanza offers great statistics that you can look up to help you bet and win. You can always glean insights on how to bet on a football match.

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We are giving you both tips because we want to help you win, so that you never miss your opportunity.

Alright, with all we have said, sure you’re now ready to make your next bet, and get your next win? Come on, let’s go ahead now.

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