What to do before you select a Bookmaker in Nigeria

2019-10-02 News

Today in Nigeria, there are several bookmakers (Bookies) all around advertising one offer or the other. But how can you make the best decision on a bookie in the midst of all of them? How do you select the bookie that pays out early, is reachable to resolve issues, is solid enough to pay you your millions, and actually pays you quickly? If you have these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. Let's put the bookies to the test.

1. Do they have the markets you need?

A sports bookmaker can host several games and competitions like Football, Tennis, Basketball, Golf, Swimming, etc. In football, leagues like the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1, Dutch Eredivisie, and even to the American MLS, the Chinese and Japanese Leagues, etc. Competitions like the FIFA World Cup, European Cup, African Cup of Nations (AFCON), Club World Cup, Summer Olympics, and many more, may also be available for betting. But you must also know know that you may not find the same sports markets on all sports betting websites. Some sports markets are only available at certain bookies, and unavailable at others. So, think carefully about what kind of bets you’ll be placing before you sign up to a bookmaker. betBonanza for example has over 300 markets available for betting, which includes all the best games that you would ever think of.You might find a bookmaker that has a cool name, fancy website, has a great feel and is easy to use; but what’s the point if it doesn’t have the market you're looking for? Certain bookmakers will not offer live in-play odds, some will not offer special bets, some will offer very innovative bets, while may not. For big tournaments, some websites might run huge promotions. Smaller bookmakers simply can’t compete. You have to take all of this into consideration when selecting a Bookmaker.

2. Are they reliable?

It seems an obvious one, but you need to choose a bookmaker which is reliable. There are lots of aspects which fall under reliability. Have they actually paid out huge winnings? Will they be willing to pay you if you make a huge win? Has the bookie been around long enough to build a trusted reputation? Is there a company that owns the brand? You can do a bit of a background check both online and offline, to find out if a bookie is reliable.

3. Are they accessible?

Your ideal bookie should be reachable in Nigeria. It’s more than just the markets and special offers a bookie boasts of. Can they resolve complaints and enquiries in a timely manner? Are they compliant with the laws guiding your Nigeria? Do they have an identifiable office location? Accessibility is very important. But more so, it is more than just a physical presence. Do they have a social media presence? How good is their website on mobile? Can you place a bet and withdraw conveniently without needing an agent? Does their page load up quickly or it takes a whole lot of time and data to load up? You have to consider all these before making a choice.

betBonanza is based in Lagos, Nigeria, and her operations are compliant with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as well as the Lagos state government. The betBonanza platform is one of the best in terms of technology and speed of loading. It super light in terms of bandwidth, and very easy to navigate. You may want to try it out: betBonanza.com

4. Do they have special football offers and free bets?

It’s important to choose a bookie that has long-term value for you. For many players, a big part of this includes special offers and free bets. And there is definitely a huge amount of variance from one bookmaker to another. Some will offer constant, even daily bonuses – whilst others may hand out next to none.

5. Do they pay out early enough?

Have you ever heard of bookies paying very late? Yes, you have. In fact it is very common to find this happening for one reason or the other. The ideal bookie should be able to pay you early whenever you win, not taking you through endless processes and procedures. After all the strategizing and permutations, you don’t want a bookmaker not paying you your money sharp sharp when you win. betBonanza actually credits the account of winners once the game or event is settled, you will instantly receive your winning.

6. How secure is their platform?

Recently, we all heard the issue between a bank and a Bookie, where people lost a lot of money as a result of a hack into the betting website. Obviously, the hackers were able to bypass or break through the security feature of the website. betBonanza's website is pretty secure, with end-to-end encryption, and cannot be hacked it. You can be guaranteed of safe and secured betting with betBonanza

With the mentioned points above, you can see that betBonanza is one of the best (if not the best Bookie in Nigeria). Why not give it a a try?

Nonetheless, with these points above, you will be ready to make the best choice and the latch on to the right opportunity. If you need more insights on betting with betBonanza, please reach us via WhatsApp on +2349062929962, you may also call 016317777, or even email us at [email protected].

So make your Bookie choice and start winning
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