New season millionaire set to be unveiled

2019-10-02 News

We promised, and we will now deliver. The date is set, Wednesday, 9th October 2019. The prize is ready. Daniel Amokachi The Bull is set to unveil the New Season Millionaire!

One of our core values, as a gaming company, is that we are always aiming to give our customers a renewed experience. We always want to try out new things. We sometimes like to step into uncharted the waters and see what we can improve on. Now, being different is not as easy as said. Imagine you trying to do things in a way you think is better, and people around you feel it’s crap. Yea, it can take a whole lot trying to explain and may sometimes be frustrating. But if you want to succeed that is a risk you should be willing to take. You've got to make a move, take a step, and do what you believe.

When we set out to give a lucky punter the sum of ₦3,000,000 and 10 lucky punters ₦25,000 cash, some people questioned the idea, and some even doubted us. But today, we are just a step to making it a reality. We are happy to say that we are going to be keeping our word. Just like we have said before, "we are going to be doing what no other sports betting company in Nigeria have done". The money is ready, and we just want to know the winners, so we can gladly give them their prizes.

All through the process, we have ensured that the procedure is super transparent and fair. All players have equal opportunity to win, irrespective of the amount they staked, or the outcome of their bets. As soon as a ₦500 bet is placed on our platform, we immediately filter out the ticket ID and then have it printed and kept aside inside a Special Box. We did it in such a way that a punter can actually have multiple chances of winning.

Being open and transparent is very important in relating with people, not just in gaming. That is why we are going to be open about the selection process. The winners will be picked via a raffle draw, which will be streamed live on our Facebook and Instagram handles. You can watch the raffle draw live from wherever you are.

We are so excited about this opportunity to put ₦3,000,000 cash in the hand of a lucky punter, and ₦25,000 in the pockets of 10 lucky punters. For us, it is more than just a way of giving back to our customers. It is something we feel proud about, and we hope we can do even more in the near future.

Once again, the raffle draw will hold on Wednesday, 9th October 2019 by 7pm Nigerian time. It will be streamed live on our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram . You can also watch live on Brila FM livestream, PulseNigeria Live, and YabaLeft Online.

Let's brace up, for a new season millionaire is about to emerge.